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Original Stories

The Making of one Dazzling Talented to be Famous Artist

Media: Digital; illustrator


Malena is a young artist in the making and is starting her first year of high school. Things do not go according to plan when her childhood friends are going to different high schools leaving her alone. In spite of this setback, Malena is determined to make friends and live the high school life of her dreams. 

The story follows a young girl in high school. The illustrations and doodles will start off rough and sketchy. Has the book continues the images get cleaner and clearer.  Visually showing Malena growing has an artist. 

Dragons love the ABC's

Media: Digital; Illustrator 

A children's ABC book with baby dragons helping to teach the alphabet with alliteration.

The book has vibrant colors for young minds to look at and enjoy. Along with cute dragons, parents can enjoy them as well.

Spire Rock

Media: Digital; Photoshop & Illustrator 

A world of fantasy and adventure. different tribes must come together when Spire Rock begins to crack. Learning to put differences aside. has predator and prey mix to solve the mystery. 

Each Animal and tribe has different weapons to help them on the journey across the lands.

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