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Book Redesigns

Orphan Train

Media: Digital, Photoshop 

This is the redesign of the novel "Orphan Train".  The cover shows a bright sunset with a train. The cover connects the complicated feelings of the book with colors that would grab readers' attention.  

Dear Amy Chapter Illustrations 

Media: Digital. Illustrator

The chapter designs can give the reader clues in this murder mystery story. The symbols are related to the mental state of the characters and also important moments. Helping the story that the writer is trying to tell and not steal the spotlight. 


The different borders are used for the different characters points of view in each chapter. 

Matched Book Series 

Media: Digital; Illustrator



A redesign of the front covers in the Matched book series. The cover shows the different environments that the main protagonist encounters. 

The colors are talked about in the book and have significance to the story. Red, Blue, and Green pertain to the color of pills that are in this dystopian world.  The colors also symbolize the character's journey throughout the books. 

Poirot Investigates

Media: Digital; Illustraor


This is a modern redesign of an older book bringing it out to the younger generation. The Book cover takes inspiration from ISpy books. Each Item is taken from the 11 short stories following Hercule Poirot.

The clues from each story are placed randomly over the cover. Putting the reader in the mind of Poirot. Having to pick out what is important what is not and what is a fake clue. 

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