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Adelina Arteaga

Illustrator & Designer

My Story

 I am an American Academy of Art graduate with a BFA in Illustration born and raised in the Chicago area. I have always had a love for storytelling. Everything about it from character design to setting details to dialogue and plot. 


This led me to be an artist and a writer as well. Working mainly with kids' media. I enjoy the creative freedom and whimsy that this genre brings. However, I also have a passion for writing and illustrating for mature audiences. Drawing inspiration from mystery, horror, and kids' fantasy. 


My art style is a simplistic and bubbly rendition of life and its creatures. I have a love for aquatic animals, demonstrated by my many works featuring fish, sea creatures, and the ocean. I focus my work on depicting the cute and beautiful aspects of mundane everyday life; bringing some fantasy and wonder to the world with my stories. I plan on working on book covers and book illustrations while promoting my original stories.


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